Sea Monsters: 60+ savage creatures of the deep for DnD 5E

Created by Legendary Games

Doom rises from the depths with this incredible DnD 5E bestiary of over 60 maritime monsters and savage sea creatures!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

First Pirate Campaign Compendium/Sea Monsters bundles shipped! And new Quickstarter is LIVE!
8 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 02:23:39 AM

We were delighted to drop off about around 60 bundles of Asian/Sea/Mythos Monsters at the post office today along with 150 copies of Battlemasters & Berserkers and the first 20 boxes of Sea Monsters/Pirate Campaign Compendium at the post office to start heading your way! We're working our way through the product groups and 

Pirate CC/Sea Monsters boxes on top, with the next carload already taking shape in my garage!

And as we keep cranking through our shipments, the train keeps rolling as the Mother of Monsters Quickstarter is now LIVE, bringing you 200 pages of amazing adventure plus new class options, races, monsters, magic items, deities, world lore, and more for a campaign inspired by Greek mythology and set in the Kagari Islands! Like our previous Quickstarters, this short project (just 23 days, ending November 24) is already complete and ready to deliver PDFs immediately and start the printing and shipping process as soon as the KS is complete.

The 108-page Stone Mother's Assault adventure, 60-page Player's Guide, and 32-page GM's Guide!

PS - If you want to check out what you'll find inside, you can grab the 28-page Mother of Monsters Free Preview PDF right here!

The Shippification has Begun!
9 months ago – Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 11:44:31 PM

We got back from our camping trip on Friday and on Friday evening the truck finally delivered our books from the port! We did a small test batch of packages that went out on Saturday, and we've got a carload more ready to go out to you this week. I'm flying out again early tomorrow morning and will be gone until Friday, but my son will be taking this load to the post office to start heading your way! 

This first load is mostly from the Mythos Monsters Kickstarter, but we are sending them out in groups of backers who are getting the same combination of items, which makes packing and labeling go so much faster. Among these are backers who are getting Sea Monsters and Mythos Monsters (with no other extra books), which was 84 of you! Happy reading to all, and we'll get more loads sent out next week when I return!

Books have cleared customs! And a new Quickstarter is coming!
9 months ago – Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 11:11:43 PM

In a supreme bit of irony, after six weeks sitting on the docks, our books are at last ready for delivery! Well, sort of. That is to say, they are now ready but I am 500 miles from home. I'll be back for a quick stopover this weekend and then off for another trip, but we are working with the printer and shipping company and planning a delivery for the week after next, hopefully on or around October 25th. Once the books arrive here, we'll break down the pallets, prep the big truck pickups to go out to distribution centers, and start packing books to ship to YOU!

We are delighted to finally have a firm target date for receiving these books and getting them out to you, and with that in hand and our development and layout team closing in on the final PDFs for Boricubos: Latin American Monsters & Adventures, we are pleased to present our next Quickstarter monster project: Mother of Monsters! This one isn't a bestiary book; instead, it's a new adventure saga inspired by Greek mythology, set amidst the Kagari Islands and featuring new monsters, class options, and more. This passion project by Adrian Arduini has been percolating the past few years in the background, and art and layout are done! He has future installments already written with terrific guest authors like Ron Lundeen and David N. Ross, but those are a potential project for another time. This campaign setting and introductory adventure are entirely self-contained and tell a complete story on their own!

This will be a Quickstarter like those early in the year, around 20 days with immediate PDF delivery at the conclusion of the project. Unlike the recent Boricubos Kickstarter, this project is 5E only, with no stretch goals, just an awesome adventure and campaign book ready to go (though we'll have a few relevant add-ons available for those that want them, like Sea Monsters for expanding the nautical side of this campaign, for anyone who missed our original campaign).

This is our first adventure-focused Quickstarter, and we're excited to see how you like it! We are getting the Kickstarter page ready to preview soon and aim for launching around the end of October/beginning of November. Thanks for your amazing support and we are so excited to get your books up, up, and awayyy, with new projects ready for you too!

"Stone Mother's Assault," an awesome 110-page 5E adventure and hopefully the first installment in the magnificent Mother of Monsters Adventure Path!
Not just the adventure but an awesome 86-page campaign guide!

10 months ago – Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 01:55:49 AM

Hi all,

Good news! The print books arrived safely across the sea and to the nearby Port of Tacoma about a week ago! We are waiting for them to be cleared by customs, and once that happens they'll be delivered by truck right here to LG headquarters. We're only about 5 miles from the port, so it'll be a quick shipment once that happens. Our new label printer is here and we're picking up our shipping boxes and envelops tomorrow. We'll be ready to launch into action shipping out books to you as soon as they get delivered to us!

We're excited to get these beautiful books headed your way. Delivering your PDFs immediately on completion of the Kickstarter is definitely part of a "Quick-starter," but getting your books to you as fast as possible is right there too. As we noted in the "Risks and Challenges," if we had a fantastic response that merited a full print run, it would take probably 3-6 months to get books printed and shipped to us, and here we are - despite COVID slowing down worldwide freight networks - almost exactly at the 6-month mark and the books are right down the hill and just about ready to send. We'll update you again with pics when the truly epic quantity of books arrives! 

PS - We'd be remiss if we didn't invite you to check out the Boricubos: Latin American Monsters & Adventures Kickstarter, which ends in less than 48 hours! With nearly 300 pages of monsters, adventures, character options, campaign settings, magic items, spells, and so much more, created with a terrific team including nearly 20 Latinx authors and artists, this is our biggest Kickstarter yet, at nearly $100,000. We hope you'll check it out and climb aboard! 

Books nearing the midpoint of their voyage! And Boricubos/Latin American Monsters Launches!
11 months ago – Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 04:49:22 AM

Hi all,

We had a question recently on book shipments so we wanted to give you a quick update! Our ship left Hong Kong on July 26th with all of our Mythos Monsters, Sea Monsters, Asian Monsters, Battlemasters & Berserkers, and Pirate Campaign Compendium books and is nearing the halfway point of its journey to our local port (only about 10 miles from LG headquarters, so no worries about potential long-range rail or truck delays)! Scheduled arrival date is mid/late September, and as soon as our books arrive we'll start getting them headed out to you for all of those projects!

(BTW, we received 6 advance copies of our Asian Monsters book from the printer via airmail and sent them on to six lucky backers just as we did for Sea Monsters and Mythos Monsters. These books are all looking GREAT!)

While we wait for those books to arrive, we have just launched our latest project, the Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures Kickstarter! This project is for TWO books - the Boricubos: The Lost Isles campaign setting/player's option book and Latin American Monsters, and by popular demand we are offering versions not only for 5E but also for Pathfinder 1E and Pathfinder 2E! This project runs a full 30 days, ending Thursday, September 16!

  • As we did for Sea Monsters and Asian Monsters, we also have created an 11-page FREE preview PDF for you to get an early look at the amazing creatures heading your way in Latin American Monsters! You can download it right here, and by all means please share the word with any friends or fellow gamers who might be interested!
  • We've also got a 21-page FREE preview PDF of Boricubos: The Lost Isles, giving you a taste of what you'll find in this fantastic campaign setting supplement! 
  • As noted above, this is going to be a classic 30-day Kickstarter, complete with stretch goals; HOWEVER, you know that Quickstarters are in our blood, and we are full speed ahead on expediting the process. The 5E and Pathfinder 1E versions of Boricubos: The Lost Isles are already complete in layout (pending additional stretch goal sections that might be added), and the 5E version of Latin American Monsters should be finished in layout by launch day! We are assembling the other versions as we go along, so that by the time we are finished with the Kickstarter you'll have PDFs available to you regardless of which version(s) you select. If we end up with more stretch goals hit than expected, we'll release a beta version with all of the completed sections, followed by the final version once stretch goals are complete, but we're so confident in the response to this project that we are already working on those stretch goals in advance so we can have things ready for you!
  • There's also a deluxe 5E-only Omnibus Special Edition combining both books inside a beautiful two-color foil-stamped leatherette cover! 

We're already almost 450% funded in just the first few hours, with three stretch goals already complete, and we look forward to a fantastic ride creating these books for you. We hope you'll check out the Boricubos: Latin American Monsters and Adventures project with us!